My Secret Weapon for Fighting Pain

Hi guys,

It always surprises me when clients struggle with pain for a very long time and I ask them what EXACTLY have they done to help themselves relieve it.  Typically… “NOTHING” is their response.

What?! No Heatpacks/Hotwater bottles/Massage Creams/Stretches/Massage etc etc? Ummm *FACEPALM*

So to remedy that… in this series of posts I will share videos on how to use the tools I prescribe the most for clients.
It will show you how using these for as little as thirty seconds at a time can help relieve pain.
Relief for the Upper / Mid Back Pain

*Side Note – if this is position is too difficult or sore, you can do this while standing and placing the foam roller against the wall 

By combining this technique with a stretch directly afterward, you will effectively massage and loosen the tight muscles
What stretch?

The Routine:


Foam Rolling:   30 Seconds
Stretch:             30 Seconds
Foam Rolling:   30 Seconds
Stretch:             30 Seconds

Now that’s 2 minutes of your life you will thank me for later!

Be sure to look out for more posts in this series.

Leon Raath
Chartered Physiotherapist & Sport Scientist

My Secret Weapon for Fighting Pain
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