If you spend a lot of time reading or working on your laptop you’ll know just how stiff and sore the pain in your neck can get.  Sometimes it can even cause that dreaded throbbing and pulsing headache that shoots from the base of your skull, to the back of the eye.

It’s quite common for spasm to occur in the tiny muscles running along the side of the neck and up to the skull.  These little triggerpoints or “knots” can be difficult to get to, but fortunately this is where the massageball or tennis ball comes in handy.

Massage Ball for the Neck

Stretching the Neck

The Routine:

Massageball   30 seconds
Stretch           30 seconds
Massageball   30 seconds
Stretch           30 seconds

I found that sitting down and grabbing the bottom of a chair to pull the shoulders down is an effective way of getting a good stretch on the neck muscles.  It’s also safer than “tugging” on your head with your hands!

Be sure to look out for more posts in this series.

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Secret Weapon #3 Pain in the Neck

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