Every athlete or sportsman knows how tight their calves can get after a grueling run or cycle.  So much so that sometimes I have the privilege (read “pleasure”) of inflicting pain and torture on them with some Acupuncture needles!

You can view the lovely experience (read “comfortable relaxing”) here

For those less fortunate enjoying this procedure, I always recommend a set of foam rolling and stretching on the calves after the workouts.  In more extreme cases and very tight calves, they can use a Rolling Pin (used for baking) instead, as the surface is a lot firmer than the foam roller, or if they really want to invest, the Quadballer does the job tremendously well too!

Foam Rolling the Calves

Stretching the Calves

The Protocol

30 Seconds Foam Rolling
30 Seconds Calf Stretch
30 Seconds Foam Rolling
30 Seconds Calf Stretch

I have also found that running cold water down your legs directly after the workout helps tremendously in preventing the calves from tightening up.  You can even do this on your quads and hamstrings too!

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If you are looking to get a foam roller, you can see my review on the Grid Foam Roller and buy it here

Secret Weapon #4 Pain In The Calf

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