If you’re working a 9-5 behind the computer and mouse, or spending a lot of time in the car driving, you’ll be well familiar with that annoying pain at the back of the shoulder and in between the shoulder blades.

It’s so annoying that you just can’t pinpoint it, and worse… you can’t seem to reach it either. Sometimes it gives you pain when you’re sleeping on that side, sometimes when you’re reaching for an object, or even the dreaded pain down the arm! (No you’re not having a heart attack… It’s a triggerpoint referring pain)

If this sounds like what you have, here’s the cure for that

Massage Ball on the Shoulder

Stretching the Shoulder

The Routine

30 Seconds Massage Ball
30 Seconds Stretch
30 Seconds Massage Ball
30 Seconds Stretch

Secret Weapon #5 Pain In The Shoulder

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