Triggerpoint Therapy Grid Foam Roller on Glute

This post’s Secret Weapon in my ARSEnal of tricks, is a foam rolling technique aimed directly at the Glute muscles.

Usually the main culprit of hip / back / sciatic nerve pain, is a tiny muscle located deep beneath the big glute (buttock) muscle called the Piriformis.

This muscle acts primarily as stabiliser muscle for the hip joint, but due to the anatomy of the Sciatic Nerve, the nerve can sometimes be pinched by a tight Piriformis.  The Sciatic Nerve can actually run through the Piriformis and if pinched, can give you that typical “pain down the leg” symptom even though you may not have a herniated disc.

Foam Rolling the Piriformis


Stretching the Piriformis


The Protocol:

Foam Rolling   30 Seconds
Stretching        30 Seconds
Foam Rolling   30 Seconds
Stretching        30 Seconds

Here’s hoping you Nip Pain in the Butt!
Be sure to look out for more posts in this series.

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Secret Weapon for Fighting Pain #2
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One thought on “Secret Weapon for Fighting Pain #2

  • A foam roller really helped when I started treating my sciatica. It was really cheap and made all the difference once I found a structured exercise program. I can’t believe the simple difference that a foam roller and exercises like these made for me.

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