“oh my back…”

Does this sound familiar?

As a physiotherapist, Back Pain is probably the condition I treat the most often and I have done the most research on in helping patients with their problem.

It’s no wonder the statistic of “80% of the population WILL experience back pain at some stage of their life” is so true.  It’s also no wonder that a lot of researchers have condemned this to be as certain as… yep…


If you want to…

  • wake up in the morning without pain and stifness
  • have more movement
  • do your normal activities without restriction
  • spend less time doing loads of back exercises
  • spend less money going for recurring treatments
  • stop wasting money on bulky exercise equipment

…then this program I created was designed for you!

Utilising the quickest, most effective exercises, stretches and foam rolling techniques, proven by scientific research, to decrease back pain.

It will show you how a few simple exercises and stretches done in the comfort of your home, can dramatically lower the risk of back pain.

Not only will this save you time and A LOT of money by cutting down on recurring doctor and physio visits, but it will also assist you in providing an easy way to help yourself!


*excl Delivery Fee