Howzit and welcome to the new look Physiozone website!

I’m relatively new to WordPress and Blogging so you’ll need to hang in there with me while I figure this whole thing out… Seeing that I’m a South African in a foreign country, I might throw in a few of my local lingo and slang words, so if these don’t make sense, I’ll start blogging on that too!

I will however try my best and stick to what I know, and that is helping people with pain and injuries. I will be posting different ideas and topics on injury and pain management and encourage you to leave your comments and suggestions not only on the type of topics you want to read about, but also how I could improve the blog (even if you can help me with the whole html coding thing it would be great!)

Lastly, as Physio I’ve never been really good at throwing out all the technical terms especially among my peers, but to be honest it’s probably been the best for my patients/clients as they have found my approach to things and the way I explain it to them to be of great value (seeing that they don’t understand the medical terms anyway!). So if you are a qualified healthcare practitioner or medical provider… I’m afraid this blog won’t be filled with terms like “inter- and intrareliable research” with a high “p-rating” (just a bit of medical research humour) to try to impress you.

Instead, you’ll get straightforward answers and honest opinions on what I have found to work the best. I do recommend that you consult your own doctor or allied healthcare practitioner before commencing any exercise programme or advice provided here as your condition may have certain contraindications for treatment. Anyway… I look forward to assisting you as best I can and hope I can help you Stay in Shape…

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