physiOzone was founded in 2009 by Leon Raath, chartered Physiotherapist in Ennis County Clare and provides Physiotherapy, Health, Fitness and Injury Prevention services.

All physiotherapists are chartered meaning that they have graduated with a primary degree in physiotherapy from a university.

We provide expert treatment, management and advice on all orthopaedic related problems, spinal pain, sports and soft tissue injuries as well as prevention and intervention strategies.

Our company specialises in Lower Limb Injuries and Biomechanics by providing in depth gait analysis, custom fitted orthotic assessments as well as shoe prescription services.

We also focus specifically on athletes like Runners, Cyclists, Tri-athletes, Rugby and Gaelic Games players and specialise in treating Sports related injuries.

Our Treatment Approach

  • Exclusive one-on-one treatment sessions
  • Manual therapy, massage and myofascial release techniques form part of our Hands On approach
  • 30-45 Minute treatment sessions are allocated per visit and allow for extra time should it be required
  • Clients will be required to perform exercises as part of their treatment sessions
  • Clients will be required to follow a home based exercise/stretching routine
  • Clients receive Dry-Needling/Acupuncture during the course of their treatment

Points to Consider

  • Your condition may require multiple visits and a strict rehabilitation protocol
  • Failure to comply with the protocol will not only negatively affect the outcome of your treatment, but will lead to dissatisfaction and disappointment with your progress
  • We are committed to providing services to the best of our abilities and expect the same effort from clients attending our clinic

About the Founder

Leon Raath - Founder of Physiozone

Leon is a Chartered Physiotherapist in Ennis County Clare, Ireland and qualified from the University of Stellenbosch, Cape Town, South Africa after completing his Honours degree in Human Movement and Sports Sciences. The combination of degrees has enabled him to provide a multi-disciplinary approach to the treatment of his patients and has incorporated scientifically based exercise programmes for each individual.

He works with numerous amateur and professional sports teams and athletes like Runners, Cyclists, Tri-athletes, Rugby and Gaelic Games players during their pre-, in- and post season conditioning training and also provides injury treatment and prevention strategies for novice and expert alike.